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“Menina dos sapatos que voam, uma coisa eu percebi de maneira instintiva: você consegue o que você
quiser! E não é clichê não! Você tem foco! Talvez nem saiba pra onde ir, mas sabe focar, se contextualizar, e
isso é forte.”

Fernando Anitelli, Teatro Mágico

"Melissa, you give 100% always and you dance beautifully as a result. I love your HEART and SOLE. I know WHO YOU ARE from just listening and watching you!"

Dianne "Lady Di" Walker


"Tap's Leading Ladies. (...) These sassy, sultry tappers bring a distinct “girl power" vibe to everything they do—and the dance world is taking notice"

DanceSpirit Magazine

"I  can honestly say that she has what it takes to be a leader in the tap community. She speaks passionately about learning as much as she can from her studies and experiences and bringing them back to her country. A passion like hers is rare to find in the next generation of tap dancers. The art form of tap dance needs her presence for it to succeed."

Sarah Reich


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